Who We Are

maxresdefault (1)I can say that I am a true cosmopolitan. I love different cultures and I truly enjoy learning about them. I have to say that I am keen on finding something to relate to in any culture. The truth is that even with so many differences between us, the cultures of the world have really lots in common. I am the most fascinated by the cultures of the Middle East. This is how I discovered Armenia.

Most of people are not even sure where this country is, but after learning about it I can see how much it influenced the world history and how much it brought to the cultural heritage throughout the centuries.

In order to learn Armenian culture deeper, I realized that I have to study its language and hopefully visit it one day.

Learning Armenian language allowed me to read the works of Armenian poets and writers and taught me to admire their culture in general. Mind you, I had my difficulties and challenges along my language learning journey. This is the reason why I decided to start a blog about learning Armenian language. I wanted to share my knowledge about its beautiful language, unique alphabet and share tips about learning this amazing language.

In fact, there is absolutely no language school that would teach its students Armenian language within hundreds of miles around my city. That is why my journey has started with trying out few of the online courses. I can’t say which one is the best as I have to admit that each one of them taught me something. You have to make your choice based on your own preferences though. Through online resources I studied Armenian alphabet (and trust me, this is the best beginning you can think of), learned about grammar rules and extended my vocabulary. On top of that, I was able to find literature pieces written in Armenian and hundreds of useful videos to get my ears accustomed to the sound of the language. After mastering that, I found an Armenian girl, that needed practice with her English so we ended up helping each other. During our conversation on Skype we would speak Armenian and then English so we could both benefit from this collaboration.

The ultimate experience I got when I finally did a trip to Armenia. This country is not only stunning with its beautiful nature, culture and historic heritage; it’s also very welcoming and friendly. All the people that I had a chance to talk to were open and smiling. I could clearly see how proud they are of their culture and language that they were able to preserve till this day. When I would speak, I would make many mistakes. But the reaction of locals was always very encouraging; no matter what I would say. This experience, when you know that you have to find a way to express your thoughts in their language and there is no way around it, made me feel the language way better. Communication with locals teaches you the most common phrases and specificity of the spoken language.

I wish everyone could experience this!

Meanwhile, you are welcome to read about learning Armenian language and alphabet. Feel free to ask any questions and comment below.