15 Jun

So… You Want to Learn Armenian? Let Me Tell You How

If you fell in love with Armenian culture just like I did, eventually you will start looking into learning Armenian language. In my previous posts I discussed the history of unique Armenian language and talked about an interesting Armenian alphabet. This topic would be of a great value especially for those who plan to visit the sunny and cheerful Armenia themselves and would like to impress the locals with their language skills. In fact, Armenians love when foreigners are trying to speak their language. No matter how many mistakes you are making, it is very flattering for people in Armenia to see that someone is appreciating it and tries to speak to them in their language. They take a big pride in the fact that their language was created in 405 AD and not only served for translation of the Bible and works of classic literature since, but also allowed their culture to stand out as well as to bring something different and unique to the world.

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Flag_of_Armenia.svgIn modern world we have a great interest in different cultures and amazing opportunities to learn about them: their language, their customs and traditions. Armenian language is not an exception. Let me tell you what I find to be the best way to learn this beautiful language. In fact, I came up with 5 of them.

5 best ways to learn Armenian language

When you approach a new language, there are 4 main areas that you have to master:

  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Writing (grammar)


To learn how to excel in all the listed above in Armenian, here are 5 proven tools to do it:

  1. Sign up for a language course. You might to run into the issue with Armenian in particular as it is not the most popular language and not all the language schools will offer the classes. Nevertheless, you should still research your options in town and maybe you will get lucky. In case you didn’t, there’s plenty of other ways to learn the language of your choice.
  2. Study the language online. Nowadays there is a great variety of online courses that will teach you pretty much anything your heart desires. Armenian language is not an exception. Websites, such as transparent.com, loecsen.com, 101languages.net, ilanguages.org and littlearmenia.com will provide you with everything you need to start off: the alphabet, grammar rules, common phrases and quizzes to check your progress. Some of them are free and for some of the courses you will have to pay. The choice is yours.
  3. Connect with a native speaker. If it is an issue to find one in your town, try to do it online. Services like Skype, Viber and even Messenger, will help you to connect with Armenian speaking friend to practice what you have learned prior to that.
  4. Watch, listen and read in Armenian. Lots of resources are available even online, such as books, articles, videos, movies, etc. Use it to your advantage so you can understand and express yourself in Armenian.
  5. Visit Armenia! There are not many things that would compare to the experience you get when you visit a country that speak the language you are learning. Book a trip to sunny Armenia and learn about their culture, understand the roots of their language, speak to locals, let them correct your mistakes and show you how to speak it the right way.


I can say that I am a true cosmopolitan. I love different cultures and I truly enjoy learning about them. I have to say that I am keen on finding something to relate to in any culture.

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