05 Jun

5 Amazing Facts about Armenian Language You Did Not Know

Beautiful Armenian language is a part of Indo-European family of languages. It is an official language in sunny Armenia as well as in self-proclaimed Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. The majority of people who speak it live in Armenia. The most of the remainder reside in Georgia and Russia. It is also spoken in Iran and in Armenian Diaspora, spread around the globe. In fact, approximately 6 million people speak this unique language. Modern Armenian has 2 main varieties – Western Armenian and Eastern Armenian as well as numerous dialects. Western Armenian is spread mostly among Armenians in Turkey, Arab countries and in emigrant communities across Europe and North America, whereas Eastern Armenian is mostly spoken in Armenia, Iran and Georgia. Even though the vocabulary is almost the same, the biggest difference is in pronunciation and grammar.

Sometimes these two main dialects sound so different that you might think these are two completely different languages all together.


Even though it is not a very well known language that many people have on their bucket list to learn, these amazing facts about Armenian language might make you change your mind:

  1. Word order In Armenian language does not matter. Well, at least it does not matter as much as in English… Armenian language is not that strict with the word order which makes it pretty easy to learn and use. 
  2. There is no language similar to Armenian. Armenian language is considered to be an independent branch of Indo-European language group. It is within the satem group of languages, together with Slavic and Indo-Iranian, with slight resemblance with centum group (Celtic, German, Greek, Italian), but it was created and introduced as a completely separate language. Armenian is considered to be one of the oldest languages that exist nowadays.
  3. Armenian language has its own alphabet. Its unique script was introduced in 405 AD by a monk St. Mesrop Mashtots. Newly created alphabet consisted of 36 signs (2 more were added at a later date) that were eventually used to translate the Hebrew Bible and Christian New Testament.
  4. In fact, Armenian was one of the first languages into which the Bible was translated. From the fifth century its translation has been representing its oldest surviving text.
  5. Most of the letters have numerical value.

Nowadays there are many online schools and courses that can help you learn this language. People whose native language is not Armenian say that it is a pretty easy language to learn due to the fact that as soon as you learn the alphabet, it is very easy to read as the sounds are very straightforward. As was mentioned before, the word order is way less strict as in any other language so right after you master the alphabet and learn words, you can easily start practicing. You will acquire a great respect of Armenians if you try to speak Armenian even if you do not do it right. Just your efforts to say something in Armenian language will make local people very proud and supportive of you. They will correct your mistakes, laugh with you and may be even inviting for a cup of tea afterwards.

I can say that I am a true cosmopolitan. I love different cultures and I truly enjoy learning about them. I have to say that I am keen on finding something to relate to in any culture.

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